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Saturday, May 26, 2007
Beloved Nature
Beloved, by Toni Morrison, is filled with reoccurring symbolism that adds deeper meaning to the story. Trees are frequently mentioned and function as a symbol of safety to the lives of characters including Denver, Baby Suggs and Paul D. For three characters in Beloved, trees represent safe havens from tragic memories and painful experiences in the characters’ lives.
Denver has a spot consisting of a circle of boxwood trees that form a room isolated from the rest of the world. This spot is called Denver’s emerald closet. Denver is burdened with some problems in her life including Paul D staying at 124, her own lack of social companions, and disappointment in Beloved’s interaction with her family. Denver deals with the pain that she feels from these struggles by escaping into the emerald closet. This circle of boxwoods forms a protective wall around Denver’s private location and within these walls she feels safe from her problems in the real world. Morrison gives insight to the emerald closet with, “Veiled and protected by the green walls, [Denver] felt ripe and clear, and salvation was as easy as a wish”(31). Morrison’s words “protected by the green walls” prove that when Denver is inside the walls of the trees, she is not burden.
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