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Monday, May 28, 2007
One Nature
One good place to begin an exploration of the modern totemism of "nature" is with the considered pronouncements of those who would quite literally "make nature their business." A few years ago, the well-known ecologist and "rainforest advocate" Daniel Janzen had this to say about "The Future of Tropical Ecology":
"Engineers build bridges, writers weave words, and biologists are the representatives of the natural world. If biologists want a tropics in which to biologize, they are going to have to buy it with care, energy, effort, strategy, tactics, time, and cash."(6)
What does it mean to be "the representatives of the natural world"? Who would dare claim to represent nature? Why would Janzen place representation alongside building and weaving? And what is the relationship between buying a tropics and representing the natural constituency contained therein?
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